This was one of the latest design project that I was a part of. In this project, my group analyzed an existing construction site in downtown of State College, PA and designed a proposal for it.

Initially for about a month, we analyzed the site and its surroundings, and then came up with few possible designs, which suited the purpose of serving the community of State College and students of Penn State. Afterwards we studied few of the applicable State College zoning regulations and international building codes and implemented them to our design. One of the requirements for this project was to connect a parking garage across the street to our main lobby and in order to fulfill it, an idea of a bridge was proposed, which gave us a chance to review PennDOT highway rules.

Finally, after working on this building design for about two months, we had a chance to present our proposed design to few of the highly valued Architecture faculty and get their comments on improvement for future projects and presentations to come.

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